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Telecommunications is changing constantly. The top manufacturers are working on always bringing more value to the table on their platforms. Communications Planning Resources staff provide a clear understanding of the benefits of purchasing the new technology and when it is right for you. All intelligent decisions are based on asking the right questions and applying the answers.

  • More than 25 years of question asking the right questions
  • Depending on your situation we can evaluate your needs in 2 to 5 hours.
  • If you are moving or outgrowing you existing system we will usually include the 2 to 5 hours for evaluating with the purchase of one of our phone systems.
  • If you need advice on a future project (Where you are not sure you will be able to purchase a solution) C.P.R. can be hired on retainer for consulting in increments of 5 hours.
  • Our service is satisfaction guaranteed. If we do not provide you with the services stated and you do not end up with the results defined we will refund your consulting fees.


  • Every major manufacturer represented
  • Every major carrier service represented
  • Installation available in every major city
  • Every customer will be satisfied with our service
  • Expert consulting
  • Over 3000 installed customers nationwide

Since 1983 customers have trusted Ed Bernstein
and Communication Planning Resources Inc. to solve their communications problems.
CPR's staff is fast and friendly!

We ask you the right questions to establish your needs.



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